06 Jul

Mazda USA is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are so proud to have started The Essential Car Care program and encouraged the dealers nationwide to step up and honor this program at their dealerships.

The premise was simple, the dealerships would provide free standard oil changes and enhanced cleaning services to U.S. healthcare workers at participating dealers nationwide. This program started on April 16th and ran through June 1st. the interesting piece in all of this, is they opened this up to not just Mazda owners but it was available to most makes and models from other manufacturers. 

Mazda was excited to give back to the hero's that helped on the front lines in the hospitals. Mazda seems to prioritize giving back as a way to support their local communities. They run the Drive for good multiple times giving Mazda owners and workers the opportunity to help lift the local community and support charities across the country.

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