30 Jun

Did you know Mazda is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year? It's true, and there's no way it could have survived 100 years without their loyal customers and the support of so many people. Mazda sincerely appreciates all the folks that helped them get here as we head towards the next 100 years.

The Mazda founder Jujiro Matsuda, is the gentleman who founded the Mazda Motor Corporation that we all know today. He was continually driven by his passion for manufacturing and his philosophy that shaped Mazda's DNA according to Mazda. He started work as a blacksmith at age 13. It was at that time that we realized he wanted to dedicate his life to the machine industry. He started working with different factories including ship yards to learn advanced engineering skills. 

Mazda first stated as a cork company and then moved on to manufacturing motorcycles and then on to cars. According to NY Daily News the most memorable Mazda are:

1978 Mazda RX7

1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata

1993 Mazda RX-7

1999 - 2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2004 Mazda3

2003 - 2007 Mazda6

2013 Mazda CX-5

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata

What's your favorite Mazda of all time?

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